Shreeji Biotech

About Us


Shreeji Biotech is a specialized horizon for nutraceuticals and health care natural products .The objective is to promote and rejuenvate the overall well being of the healthy body by exploring natural products existing in the world of Biotechnology as a science, profession, industry or trade. Shreeji biotech provides health care dietary supplements with novel formulations through its team efforts of experienced scientist, Doctors and dieticians. The company was founded to develop top grade dietary supplements in new dosage forms, formulations, and strength to fulfil the needs of their clients and to maintain good quality and confident life.

At Shreeji biotech ,India we deliver innovative nutritional food supplements and solutions for various nutritional related health problems With the increasing threats to the safety of the food supply and the growing prevalence of diabetes, obesity and undernourishment, cardiac disorders ,stress healthcare industry will be expected to bring innovative food and nutrition solutions to help our country to achieve food & nutrition security.

  • Promote concepts of high quality & safe food and balanced nutrition.
  • Create awareness about good food and nutrition & its relation with health
  • Focus on improvement of dietary practices among Indian population


Our special focus is in the development of innovative unique formulations for various kinds of health problems with promising results like obesity, cardiac disorders, diabetes, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, anti-ageing ,malnourishment, thyroid etc.


We imply the recent developments in biotechnology and neutraceutical industry for the formulation of our products. We explore every natural product to its core for getting best results to the satisfaction of our clients and betterment of the human health. For us, the ultimate outcome is the rejuvenated health of our clients with zeal and confident life.


Shreeji biotech is aspiring to be a leading brand in neutraceutical industry with its uniqueness in various supplements and services